Share where you live with the Freetrade community 🇪🇺

Now that we’ve announced the first countries that we’ll launch Freetrade in, in Europe, our international community will start growing here :hatching_chick:

To help other members of the community see whether you’re a Freetrade user or not, be aware of cultural / language differences etc. and help us see how many members of the community are from outside the UK, I’ve added an ‘I live in’ field to user profiles. Which looks like this -

If you’re a community member already, you can update this field by going to your profile from the drop down menu in the top right hand corner of the screen, :gear: Preferences, Profile.

If you’d already logged into this site before I added this field then you might need to refresh the page in order to see the field.

New joiners & anyone who edits their profile will be asked to complete this field but there is an “I’d prefer not to say” option if you’d rather not share this :no_mouth:


Looking forward to welcoming them to the community!


Looking forward to being able to use this in South Africa =P


Hey bud
I’m a South African living in Cornwall. South Africa could really use these guys. Hope they’ll be there soon.


Maybe remove “Location”? Or is that intended to be more specific, like “London”?

I think brokers have some local regulatory responsibilities.

I’d love to use the M1 finance platform too, but that one’s only for US citizens. I think this is why eToro and Plus500 are doing well - it’s pretty much a free-for-all.