Shroom Stocks

Anyone actively investing in stocks to do with psilocybin mushrooms?

Global drug policy is changing, and psilocybin mushrooms are likely next in line for decriminalization, research, and sale.

Over the past two years there have been many encouraging developments in the space. Progressive U.S cities such as Denver, CO; Oakland, CA; and Chicago, IL have chosen to decriminalize the fungi, and 2020 state ballot initiatives are underway for the states of California (Decrim.) and Oregon (Medical use). Psilocybin start-ups and research labs are starting to appear across Canada, the U.S, and globally.

From /r/shroomstocks

Think there is huge huge opportunity here due to what we’ve seen in the weed industry. Getting into mushroom stocks now feels like getting into weed stocks before they blew up imo.

The three public business involved in this industry are:

  • Roadman Investments Corporation (TSXV:LITT)
  • Wuhan General Group China Inc (OTC:WUHN)
  • Yield Growth Corporation (CSE:BOSS)

Thoughts guys?


Tbh I think this is ages away. Think the weed industry is still hard to call, let alone shrooms!

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I think it’s ages away too and that’s the good thing! Good chance to get in early!

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If I had to choose one it’d be this. UK youth likely to invest in it for the name alone


Makes me laugh :joy: the ticker too!

Didn’t even notice the ticker symbol! You can tell they were sampling the product when deciding on the company details

Would definitely go into this space. They’re being used for depression and PTSD. And the microdosing movement is growing too


I would love to support Shroom stocks


Second that


Stock request. Please can we add Compass CMPS


Compass Pathways (CMPS) :mushroom:
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1 Like Interesting company on Seedrs working with shroom companies.

I can imagine the Big Shaq quick maths stonks memes already!

Any news on any of these?