Sipp Beginner Questions

Hi all! I recently opened a Sipp account and I have a few questions about the annual allowance. Firstly, can I immediately contribute the full annual allowance of 40k (32+8) into my pension even though I opened my Sipp account last week? Secondly, I have a seperate workplace pension with People’s Pension which my employer contributes, does it also counts towards the annual allowance? And lastly I did not work in April and May 2021 does it make any difference in terms of the annual allowance? Sorry if they sound silly :slight_smile: Thank you very much!

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Your employer contributions does count against 40k limit, so make sure you only deposit minus employer contributions… Also not really matter if you’ve worked only few months as long as you’ve earned more than 40k.


Also, the below is a good thread for all things SIPP :+1:

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Will you earn £40k this tax year? Max contribution is 100% of your earnings ( although you may be able to utilise allowances from previous years if unused ).

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