SIPP Fee clarification

I wonder if anyone could clarify the fee structure for the SIPP?

Is the cost of the platform and ETF management charge included in the £9.99pm

Vanguard make it clear there is a 0.15% platform charge (capped at £375pm for 250,000 and over) and also a fund management charge for each ETF, for instance 0.22% for the VWRL which is ongoing and not capped. This makes a total of 0.37%. If I added more ETFs to the portfolio the cost would increase. So for example if I added VUSA at 0.07% this would increase the total to 0.44%.

I didn’t see any indication of ETF management fees? If this is the case Freetrade seem to be suggesting I could have several ETFs in my portfolio and only pay the £9.99pm. In effect I could run my SIPP for 15 years at a cost of 1798.20 ie 9.99 x 12 = 119.88 x 15 (years) = 1798.2. Surely this can’t be right??. If there are management costs for the ETFs I didn’t see these on the website. Can any one point me to where I can find them

Stamp duty and FX Fees is not included in this question.

Thanks in advance.

The ETF fees are reflected in the price of the ETF. The fund managers take them automatically, it’s nothing to do with Freetrade.

Vanguard platform fee is only relevant if you have a Vanguard account. Not if you’re buying Vanguard ETFs on another platform like Freetrade.

Scroll to the bottom of each ETF on the app and you can see a costs and charges link, like this one

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Thanks!! - I’m not great at scrolling on mobile Phones!! :laughing:

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