Tracking Costs

(Uliana Radchenko) #1

Greetings, looking for a word of advice from the community. I have some investment in funds/etfs across several platforms ( sipp on aegon, husband’s sipp on Aviva, jisa on HL, investment isa on barclays (for now…ready to move once freetrade has launched android app)). Does anyone have a suggestion on how to track all costs associated with investing in funds across several platforms?



Morningstar’s portfolio manager lets you put in the commission for each buy and sell, but I’m not sure how you’d represent yearly platform costs.

(Alex Suss) #3

I would not buy funds on HL, the charges mount up fast. HL is good for individual stocks where your portfolio is capped at £45 a year for the ISA.

(Alex Suss) #4

You can always use an excel spreadsheet.