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Amazon is the biggest disruptor in terms of size, but it’s not the fastest-growing platform. That distinction belongs to Snap, which reported 50% growth in the quarter to $446.2 million. Snap has experienced a major turnaround this year, with its stock price surging over 175% as advertisers start to recognize that the photo-sharing, video-sharing and messaging app can provide a return on their investment.

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$SNAP hits 52-week high.

Who’s backing it long-term?

Why has it risen so sharply recently? I thought all the kids were on TikTok now.

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Q1 earnings results are in.

  • Revenue: $462 million, up >44% from Q1 2019.
  • Daily Active Users (DAU): 229 million, up 20% from Q1 2019.
  • Average Revenue Per User (ARPU): $2.02, up >20% from Q1 2019.

Loss per share is 8 cents (adjusted).

What do you reckon? Buy, sell?

The Snap figures were surprising.

I don’t hold Snap, but have the online ad companies Google and Facebook. I was expecting dire results from advertising across the industry.

Looks like it gave it a healthy boost.

I’ve been using these guys to help me decide what to invest in

SNAP has a strong quality score which I was not expecting. They have very little debt, guess they just stick to selling equity? They are super expensive to buy right now, and the future growth isn’t very exciting.

Analysts say: 2% sell, 36% hold, 62% buy.

Personally it doesn’t look interesting for me. I’d rather invest in something which is cheaper or more interesting future growth.

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It’s at 52-week high at $20.24.

Well done to those that invested at the lows.

The company recently announced that it won’t promote Trump’s account. Maybe that’s the reason, but I’ll see what I can find.


A new 52-week high at $20.60 this morning (US time).

The company had a lot of positivity due to removing Trump from the Discover section, but that ways days ago.

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I have a lot of regrets.

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Brand new shades

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Looks like bad news and a torrid day when the market opens fully.

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Looks like it’s snaps time to shine

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I would have imagined it to drop instead of rising with all this Advertising Issues we been seeing lately TBH

That’s the reason for rollercoaster. Because they don’t have Facebook Pixel which follows / stalks [delete as appropriate] around the web they haven’t been as affected.

It’s still taken and absolute bearing over the last few months though.

Big oofh! -28% in per market trading.

Pre market nerves often means at stock picks up a little at the opening bell, not today. ~$9bn wiped off of a $30bn company.

The damage to the wider social media market is ~$160bn in value, gone, poof, bye :wave:t2:

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Snap is too volatile. Only a few years ago $1.2bn was wiped off the share price when Kim Kardashian said she stopped using it. :skull:

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Snap to release Snapchat+
Doesn’t seem to me to offer much value for $3.99 a month

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Snap, Crackle and Pop

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