Who is likeliest to reach $1trillion market cap 1st? 💸

  • Apple :green_apple:
  • Alphabet (Google) :abc:
  • Amazon :package:
  • Other

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Articles inspiring the poll:


The Grand Theory of Amazon 📦
The Grand Theory of Apple 🍏
(Vladislav Kozub) #2

Quite sure it will not be Google. The other two are my main holdings (after Freetrade :grin:) so would not mind either.

If Apple does not get it by the end of the year (main new iPhone sales months), I doubt it will get there before mid next year.

Amazon will not surprise me with another 5-10% growth per month for the rest of the year.


Solid holdings :wink:

A key factor in Apple’s chances is their unprecedented buy-back programme. The more shares they repurchase, the higher the price of each of the remaining outstanding shares must be to reach the $1tn threshold.

This article explains it well: “Apple’s $1tn market value is a moving target” - https://www.ft.com/content/b639ae18-5faa-11e8-ad91-e01af256df68

(Tommy Lowe) #4

Worth noting Morgan Stanley on Microsoft too

“Public cloud adoption, large distribution channels and installed customer base, and improving margins support a path to . . . a $1 trillion market cap for [Microsoft].”



Race to a trillion is a 4 part series in the FT on all the companies in the graphic above. Amazon is the final article coming soon. Microsoft is bucketed into the other option because as expected this article stating their case has been the least compelling so far for me.

(Viktor) #6

Only @makesomemulla and I have belief in good old Google!

(Vladislav Kozub) #7

You are biased, that does not count!

Edit: Coincidentally, @makesomemulla is also biased - Google’s Business Lead here :sweat_smile:

(Viktor) #8

Guilty as charged. :policewoman:


I’m slightly surprised by this too. It’s startling that Google makes up 99.5% of Alphabet’s revenue, but the company is well placed for huge growth in other areas such as YouTube, Cloud Computing, Driverless Cars, etc. according to the article. One thing that raised my eyebrows is that Google pays Apple ~$5bn annually to be their mobile default search engine.

P.S. you and @makesomemulla (great username) both have/had affiliations with Google so maybe this is not so surprising after all :wink:


Vlad beat me to it… great investigative journalism :smile:

Also @stephen @tommy you are the only two in the other category… are you both pro-Microsoft or another company?


I am biased for Microsoft and Amazon as I am currently learning both of their cloud technologies and I see this as contributing to their increased growth.

(Vladislav Kozub) #12

You are absolutely right, it is the core Amazon’s business, 30% profit margin, compared to 0-5% on their retail sales in the US and (!) -5% internationally. And that is despite them selling over 700 parcels every second!

Amazon will once conquer the world and will become something like Umbrella from Resident Evil.


Ii can see it now, the T Virus - free delivery

(Vladislav Kozub) #14

As long as it drives the share price - whatever floats their boat :joy:

I am actually ready for the zombie apocalypse if you ask:


You expecting an attack from zombie 5 year olds? :scream:

(Vladislav Kozub) #16

Nope, that’s my stock to survive :relieved:


Awesome! I have about 10 kg of protein shake stashed - so that water would come in most handy!


Cloud :cloud:️ was responsible for 63% of Microsoft’s growth this year so that may be a good shout.

@Vlad don’t you get sick of eating the same breakfast everyday? I need to switch it up every other fortnight for my own sanity

(Viktor) #19

That’s some very serious stock.

If I build a stash, that will be cans of lentils and chickpeas. I’ll stay fit through the collapse!

(Vladislav Kozub) #20

Have experimented with numerous breakfasts, but have stuck with Krave (must be with hazelnut!) since 2016. Every morning like like a holy ritual for me.