Next Decades “FAANG” stocks?

For the last 10 years, the S&P 500 has posted amazing returns, but that was ultimately dominated by Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google (Alphabet)

Do we see these stocks being able to continue their dominance into the next decade, so from 2020 to 2030?

Or is there any stocks you have your eye on that could soon be the new “FAANG” of the future?

For me of the big stocks I think Netflix has the toughest chance to repeat such a performance. Also where does Apple go after absolutely revolutionising the smart phone industry? Have they had their moment since the iPhone 5 which changed the whole game?

Stocks going forward for me, are Tesla which could revolutionise the electric vehicle market, and square, with their cash app, if the world is to head towards a cashless society it could be a massive player.

What are your opinions on FAANG? And what could be in a position to be the new top dogs going into the next decade? …wee discussion for a bit of fun :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t forget Mastercard & VISA with the revolution of contactless payments


After posting I started doing a further bit of research, companies like PayPal, American Express, Alibaba, Tencent are all looking like massive players positioned to capitalise.

There’s also an ETF already set up for this called iPAY, could be one for the stock recommendations.

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Nice post!
All of them have space to grow I think, I would agree on Netflix perhaps being weaker because it’s a very competitive space and they are highly priced and therefore need to continually increase growth to justify valuation. Alphabet has so much data I can’t see them not growing. Amazon is likely to continue too with both its AWS and e-commerce platform providing revenue.
Apple is in a very strong position - it has $200-250 bn in cash equivalents to invest and a low barriers to entry (iPhone, Mac and iPad users), their credit card is a good example.

With regards to new entrants, I don’t know which companies will grow to that extent, likely to be tech based due to the speed and profitability required. If you are talking US and not Chinese (tenement alibaba already huge), would agree with Square as they are reaching that serious growth stage.

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Salesforce likely won’t reach that level but it’s here to stay and could wipe out a lot of the cloud competitors.

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I should have mentioned Artificial Intelligence aswell as a future trend. The big “computing” stocks have been pumping billions into research and development to try gain an upper hand.

Nvidia, Microsoft, AMD, Intel…and I’m sure there are more I’ve not listed, if the world goes down that route, which is very likely it will, could be ones to add to the watchlists.

That’s actually a stock I haven’t researched so I’ll add that to my watchlist! Cheers

WeWork FTW :beers:

A trend since 2012-2013. And it’s still early days.

Some companies allow their machine learning researchers to publish at conferences. So it’s Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, IBM, Uber, Tencent, etc.

This is one of the top ones:

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