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When will Zoom be available on freetrade? Eager to buy some!


I love to invest in things I use - Freetrade we would like to get in as early as possible - keep up the good work. :hourglass:

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Another vote here for Zoom. This is one of the few recent IPOs that is for a profitable company. The competition is largely neglected products like Skype, or complex offerings like WebEx. The founder was a lead engineer at Cisco working on WebEx and saw the opportunity to improve on WebEx.

Google Meet also. I’ve been asked to use both for interviews & it seemed no worse than Zoom.



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Up 15% today because we should all be long Coronavirus.

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Anyone else bought into Zoom recently? Stock has been on my watchlist for months, took a small dip before the Coronavirus news, and currently up 6% for myself in just a few days.

If this virus spreads you will most definitely find more companies worldwide using this software to keep businesses running out of office. I’m absolutely long this software regardless, you may start to find with all this carbon tax getting rolled out companies will start pulling back from taking flights for meetings etc


This is probably observed - Zoom appears to be a momentum stock, it’s probably a good company but, like many new tech and biotech stocks, its shares are zigzagging left and right, up and down:

There’s a video conferencing feature in Slack. It works quite well.

Meet by Google (Hangouts for Business). They create a phone number to dial into.

Microsoft’s Office has Skype. If your company pays for Office 365, you most likely use Skype internally.

There’s Cisco Webex - hope noone every has to use that dinosaur.

Slack, in its quarterly reports, comments that you can use other APIs but they may be competing with its core service:

For example, while we currently partner with Atlassian Corporation PLC, Google Inc., Okta, Inc., Oracle Corporation, ServiceNow, Inc., salesforce.com, inc., SAP SE, Workday, Inc., and Zoom Video Communications, Inc., among others, they may develop and introduce products that directly or indirectly compete with Slack.

Personal experience: ZOOM is not changing video conferencing - that industry has been around for long and many alternatives are good enough. This explains why they are spending on physical ads so much.

Yahoo! Finance calculates some rough metrics: EV/Revenue at nearly 46x, trailing PE ~1.8k (that’s not a typo), forward P/E ~435x. Market cap - $21bn, EV - $21bn, trailing revenue $540m. (EV/EBITDA is more than 900x, emitting here since they’re not making much operating profit anyway). Crazy metrics.

Careful not to confuse ZOOM Video Communications (ZM) with ZOOM Technologies (ZOOM):

I missed the rally (of the real Zoom). Anyone had the vision the buy this when the virus started spreading?

I was fortunate enough to get in just as the virus started in Asia, I even think going forward Zoom will be an interesting play going forward for the next 3-5 years.

Microsoft are moving away from Skype to Teams which is much better than it was imho and is constantly being improved. Just a watch out as more and more companies are moving to this if they have Office 365

Another case where worse technology succeeds just because it comes in a bundle with other stuff and is thus cheaper. Teams is hands-down the worst software I have ever used for communication.

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The first CDC report was released on January 31st. Just in time to make a pick for the Freetrade stock predictions league.


The Silicon Valley bubble.

Yo dawg, this Zoom stock is not Zoom Video but YOLO - people are still buying it. Up 20% today.

Can we have it on Freetrade? Asking for a friend.

Tried Zoom today and wow, it’s so much better than every other videoconferencing solution I’ve seen.

Zoom has quickly turned into a popular app for video conferencing, and some analysts estimate it may have nearly 13 million monthly active users. Many Zoom users combine the video calling service with Google’s G Suite, Slack, and other productivity apps that rival Microsoft’s Office dominance.

“Zoom is seen as an emerging threat to Microsoft,” is the message in what appears to be a training video for Microsoft’s vast partner network that sells the company’s products and services. …

…Microsoft is aware Zoom sellers are trying to get customers who are fed up with Skype for Business or are at the end of a Cisco contract for video conferencing services.

…There are now 44 million daily active users of Microsoft Teams, up nearly 40 percent from 32 million last week.

Don’t use Zoom

Zoom also make money by selling data they collect about you. That’s worse than Facebook.

…Of note, Zoom’s attendee attention-tracking tool and its privacy policies make the tool ripe for exploitation.

Breathing down your neck — With bosses increasingly requiring their workers to turn to remote conferencing, Zoom gives administrators full power to track attendees’ attention with an indicator that points out when a participant doesn’t have the app “in focus” for more than 30 seconds. Privacy organizations like EPIC have previously criticized this tool in an official complaint to the Federal Trade Commission, noting that it bypasses browser security and gives access to users’ web cameras without their knowledge.

Unchecked surveillance — Unsurprisingly, Zoom’s position on selling your personal data is vague. “Depends on what you mean by ‘sell,’” the company states. It eventually concedes that it does sell your personal data to ostensibly “improve your advertising experience.” The company’s privacy policy isn’t uniform either. Unless you’re a California resident, where privacy rights are marginally better than the rest of the United States, other Americans don’t have the ability to request information about Zoom’s data collection practices.

From: https://zoom.us/privacy/