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Everybody needs to practise constantly to get good at what they do:

From 5:00

From 3:00 ish:

There are some gems and I’m not a Coldplay fan.

Stay well everyone.

Basic internet hygiene when WFH

It’s not just hospitals that are being more threatened in the interconnected world right now.

A major fintech in the UK is in the news during the year it may want to be put for a (re)sale:

Credit Karma - another fintech that does credit checks and taxes for you - was recently sold to Intuit for billions. It was backed by many known VCs and PE firms such as Tiger Global. You should read this @Ian - is this post legit?

Please be aware that scams, phishing, malware, etc are on the rise. Best not open every strange attachment and link sent over messaging apps.

Also let your employees, relatives and friends know about basic hygiene. Make sure your infra and security engineers are always learning and are up to date.

Online scams that are tailored to major news events have been around for more than a decade. Normally, however, they tend to morph relatively quickly from one breaking event to another. With the coronavirus commanding an almost unprecedented amount of coverage around the world, these latest campaigns have been nothing short of a flurry of attacks that show no signs of slowing down.

Readers should be highly skeptical of emails and websites that purport to provide information or goods related to the ongoing pandemic. The key fact to confirm is the primary source of those communications. Readers should never take source claims at face value…

“With a large part of the workforce moving to working from home and many schools going to online learning during the pandemic, expect to see a rise in phishing and malware attacks,” Lamar Bailey, senior director of security research at cybersecurity firm Tripwire Inc., told SiliconANGLE. “It is a great time for schools and employers to remind their employees and students of basic internet hygiene to go along with the increased focus on personal hygiene. Wash your hands and don’t click on suspicious links.”

An ongoing phishing campaign delivering emails posing as official messages from the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) is actively spreading HawkEye malware payloads onto the devices of unsuspecting victims.

This spam campaign started today according to researchers at IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence who spotted it and it has already delivered several waves of spam emails attempting to pass as being delivered by WHO.

“HawkEye is designed to steal information from infected devices, but it can also be used as a loader, leveraging its botnets to fetch other malware into the device as a service for third-party cybercrime actors,” IBM X-Force’s research team previously said.

Now, let’s cheer up:

every conference video sesh RN.

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Starting to get super real for me. 5 people off work tomorrow. 2 that work a few desks down and 3 from manufacturing.

We’ve been asked to turn up in scruffs in case we have to back up the factory.


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Cross post:

Switch to another platform.

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Will you be able to work from home at all? Or are they putting you on leave?

Na we don’t have anything capable of working from home. Laptop that had the power we need would be about 3k each.

Likely we’ll be furloughed.

That’s a good time to push for use of cloud computing in your organisation :wink:

We’ve just moved to serverless. We can VPN onto our kits and do stuff but it’s painfully slow. The minute we try and engineer anything it just gives up.

What would it cost to replicate 12 i9’s, with 32gb of RAM, Solid States and at least a 4gb graphics card?

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Doesn’t look like there’s coverage in our region? North East.

the regions you are looking at are simply the references to the Azure DC locations. Depending on your own security constraints it does not necessarily need to be in your country. If you are referring to the 2 UK locations… it doesn’t matter which one you use. The second one will only be used for resilience if you are looking for High-Availability.

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I just ordered two monitors. thinking of buying white board as well.
Virtual coffee seems like good idea

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Hi - we’ve got an Architectural business within our Division. they are using laptops to RDS onto their office based tower. Not perfect but begtter than nothing and no need to take desktops home (are the tower drives encrypted - security considerations etc).

We’ve only got two laptops, so not possible :frowning_face: .

Would be ideal!

Every conference call / video call ever.

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Advice on relationships from divorce lawyers.

A short and sweet video:

(Do talk about money together. Don’t marry a boyfriend/girlfriend because they are exciting.)

Stay sane.