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This is a great idea for a thread.

So I’ve been struggling on my work provided surface pro - didn’t think to do anything to improve my situation. Colleague suggested pairing my Bluetooth headphones so I can Skype and also suggested I buy a second screen. It’s been a revelation. Not looking forward to kids being home next week but at least I have two screens to hide behind.


We’ve been testing our systems and it just doesn’t work for us. We use a really ram/graphics heavy 3D design software, so short of taking my tower home with me (which I guess isn’t the worst idea) were a little screwed.

To be honest though if our manufacturing division isn’t in, there’s not much point us doing anything anyway.

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We’ve been told our servers don’t have capacity to manage all of us working from home at same time… So non-time-sensitive work staff have been asked to shift working patterns outside of 9-5…
So that means we’ve been asked to work 3.30pm-10.30pm and weekends until they can increase network stability with increased load. :neutral_face:


We’re not doing too bad. I bought a laptop stand and screen a couple of years ago. Brushed the dust off them and set up like the bridge of a mini starship enterprise. Missis is on the dining table with my lad’s Xbox telly. Just forgot to bring my usb hub home and I’m in isolation so nipped back to work for them to chuck it thru the window at me. It’s too weird to be the new normal yet, but it’s getting there. Work fb messenger chat group keeping morale up. The less tech able of my middle aged colleagues have discovered gifs big time :slight_smile:

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My team is going to start having periodic (daily?) virtual “coffee breaks” on Microsoft Teams, when we video chat and talk about anything non-work related, to support each other and feel less isolated.


Google is doing that apparently.

Must put the jacket and tie on for the interview:

Live from the couch and personal library - working for Bloomberg under the shelter in place order in San Francisco:

Can I join in your virtual coffee breaks?


Happy hour Fridays. Virtual :beers: :cocktail:

Isn’t it what the Second Life video game is for?


Tried second life. Completely out of my depth. Got me coat. Left.

AMC cinemas’ CEO is working from home. CNBC is WFH:

Day 4 of WFH, yesterday Mrs Sleepy was eating tortellini in bed. Today my 6 yr old was naked crawling about the house being dog. We haven’t even got to lockdown yet. :pray:


When working from home:


I’ve taken two monitors home along with the docking station for my laptop, unfortunately I’m now down one dining room table :laughing:

Worst part of working from home is boredom, only person I’ve seen today is the postman

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Beware of phishing while WFH.

Modern machine learning-powered antivirus systems are probably as good as the labeled datasets used to train them to identify stuff. It’s a never-ending adversarial game.

cc @Ian

The TrickBot and Emotet Trojans have started to add text from Coronavirus news stories to attempt to bypass security software using artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect malware.

Before malware is distributed in phishing campaigns or other attacks, developers commonly use a program called a ‘crypter’ to obfuscate or encrypt the malicious code.

This is done in the hopes that it makes the malware appear to be harmless and thus FUD (Fully UnDetectable) to antivirus software.

This was shown to be particularly useful against security software that utilizes machine-learning or artificial intelligence to detect malicious programs.

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