Suggestions/recommendations for wide screen monitor

Morning all,

With working from home looking like it’s going to be here in one shape or another for the medium term, I’ve decided to finally get my home workspace sorted out.

Rather than leaning forward and squinting at my laptop screen, I’m also thinking about getting a widescreen monitor to replicate the two monitors that I used to have in my office at work (it seems so long ago!)

Anyway, just wanted to post up here to see if anyone had any thoughts/recommendations for a decent widescreen monitor - or any suggestions on what I should be looking for.



I bought this for lockdown, really like it

I invested in my productivity with this

It’s out of stock now.

I invested in an ultrawide (21:9) monitor last year and I’m never going back. I mainly got it for gaming but it’s been amazing for working from home as well. It’s pricey but I got £200 off the current price because I bought it on prime day.

ASUS VX24AH 24 Inch Gaming Monitor (Frameless IPS 5 ms Console with Dual HDMI ports, 2560 x 1440, 300 cd/m2)

I got this a few years ago mainly for gaming when I decided to upgrade from a laptop. I’ve found it great for working though especially when I was completing a masters last year, having multiple word documents or articles on the screen at once is great

Which companies are manufacturing and distributing these hardware products? I think working from home is here to stay.

Lots Dell, Samsung etc.