Snapchat's taking on Netflix / HBO with original TV shows

(Alex Sherwood) #1

The company is launching a new slate of 12 original, “serialized” shows for its Discover section — what it’s calling “Snap Originals.”

Think of these shows like a television series, with scripts and storylines that carry through episode by episode. Unlike TV, though, Snapchat’s new shows are filmed for Snapchat — vertically, for your phone, with episodes lasting four or five minutes.

TechCrunch | The Verge | CNN

Snap obviously needs to do something pretty big to stop it’s share price falling further.

The memo that leaked recently about their strategy was pretty interesting, they plan to focus on:

  • Making the app the fastest way to communicate
  • Focusing more on emerging markets
  • Original content
  • Making the app easier to use for older people

Will that be enough or is everyone going to be buying Facebook (Instagram) shares when Freetrade launches US stocks instead?

(Chris) #2

That’s unexpected.

(Ben #88) #3

I can’t see it catching on, well, I can’t see it as it’s gonna add many more users. I assume the ‘Phone Swap’ series is kinda what they’re going for.


(Chris) #6

Nobody bought those glasses they did either I think. Who’d buy them?!

(Alex Sherwood) #7

I know, you’d have to be crazy to get some :wink:

I like the new designs!

But seriously, Benedict Evans has written some really interesting stuff about cameras as sensors, the types of innovation they’ll enable in the future & why Snapchat is so into them. My worry for Snap is that they might be ahead of their time here..

(Harry) #8

Snap is really struggling with their revenue model as currently every customer is costing them 60 cents, so as they expand they’re doing worse in terms of balance sheet. It’s to do with their data centres - outsourced completely to Google and Amazon AWS, so they’re bleeding cash as they grow. Meant they were quick to market but paying for it now!

In a bit of a hole, but they’re heavily used so it’ll be interesting to see how they get on. If they keep dropping surely they’ll become an M&A target for Facebook/Twitter/other???

(Harry) #9

Also, expanding into emerging markets sounds great, but it will cost them more and will likely get lower add revenue as target market tends to have less spending power.

(Eve) #10

Does anyone still prefer Snapchat over Instagram stories? I know it’s still enjoys a relatively huge user base in the US but I stopped using it for so many reasons.

  1. I’m lazy. I’d rather have everything on one social media platform. With IGTV I don’t bother checking a business’s Facebook page anymore.
  2. It’s easier to find your friends on Instagram. It takes effort to add people on Snapchat, why use it when everyone is already on IG?
  3. Snapchat is horrifically slow on my phone and the messages don’t save automatically, so I don’t spend much time on it chatting
  4. The stories page is so weird and difficult to navigate, they keep changing it too which confuses me. Also the snap map was a disaster when first added
  5. Personal bugbear but the Snapchat beauty filters look crap on POC faces. They’re not flattering. Snow does this so much better with better controls, variety of filters, custom effects, etc. It was already popular in Asia but becoming more widely used in the US

If they don’t tackle those issues I don’t really see how introducing a TV show will draw people back. Plus a lot of the people who are actually using it don’t really have much spending power for the things they’re hoping to market? Their ads also feel more intrusive because it feels like a more personal platform vs IG, which is filled with ads and fancy pictures anyway