Snapchat's taking on Netflix / HBO with original TV shows

The company is launching a new slate of 12 original, “serialized” shows for its Discover section — what it’s calling “Snap Originals.”

Think of these shows like a television series, with scripts and storylines that carry through episode by episode. Unlike TV, though, Snapchat’s new shows are filmed for Snapchat — vertically, for your phone, with episodes lasting four or five minutes.

TechCrunch | The Verge | CNN

Snap obviously needs to do something pretty big to stop it’s share price falling further.

The memo that leaked recently about their strategy was pretty interesting, they plan to focus on:

  • Making the app the fastest way to communicate
  • Focusing more on emerging markets
  • Original content
  • Making the app easier to use for older people

Will that be enough or is everyone going to be buying Facebook (Instagram) shares when Freetrade launches US stocks instead?

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