SPAC Warrants

I think it’s great that freetrade has added more SPACs to the platform for us to trade but one thing is missing, SPAC Warrants.

Personally I’m very interested in trading these and I’m convinced that there’s many others like me on this platform who also want to trade warrants.

Please Freetrade

Where does this conviction come from? Freetrade should not add these in based on one person as there’s so much more being voted for but if you have research to suggest many want these, that’s great!

Selling warrants with the SPAC makes it a packaged product which should only be sold to sophisticated investors. The large proportion of Freetrade users, and their target market, are the slow and steady long term holding drip feeding investors. Me included.


Yes ,I would also like to trade these warrants.
For now interactive brokers and tasty works are our best bet in UK.
I hope free trade give us this Opportunity.
It’s quite common tradeing warrants in US.

From the Reddit community, specifically r/SPACs, I have seen many people who are investing in spacs for the long term.

Many of these investors are buying warrants to then exercise them later on in exchange for shares.

I just thought that due to the warrants eventually catching up to the share price in most cases, it’s a great opportunity to buy in at what is effectively normal shares far below NAV price.

Trading warranty’s don’t really feel like they fit with the Freetrade ethos. I wouldn’t hold your breath.

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They’re also not allowed in ISAs

I’m not holding my breath on anything. I just think that warrants are a good way to jumpstart a long term investment as they eventually catch up to the share price anyway.

A lot of SPACs in general are excluded from ISAs. I’m guessing it’s because the upside potential can give tax free huge advantages to traders.