Not exactly a Freetrade competitor but I’ve just come across SportStack - a platform where you can buy shares in professional athletes.

They are launching their Football platform in Q4 this year, the platform works like a sports exchange where you can buy/sell shares in players. The better they perform the higher their shares will rise.

The UI looks very sleek and the team is formed of ex Goldman traders.

Check out the Founder’s Medium post - Why I Left Goldman Sachs To Start a Global Sports Exchange

You can sign up for updates/early access using the link below and get free shares when they launch.

Ref link:

Non-ref link:

Feel free to use either link

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When they say buying shares in a player, you are not actually buying shares in that player? You are just making a bet with another person?

There are instances of sports players actually selling a percentage of their future earnings, but I don’t think that’s what this is.

This seems more like a prediction market for players. Maybe scouts can use the knowledge of the herd to find unrecognised talent.

Is this a derivative sort of thing??

Football Index have been doing similar for Footballers for years.