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Yes received it this morning :+1:t2:

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As did I. Thanks :+1:

Ouch. It did a boo boo :cry:

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Still buying :sunglasses:


Starbucks CEO seems lost. What do you think?

He seems to neglect the simple fact that he is pricing out his customers.

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Agree. Perhaps the former CEO will step in, as he did many times in the past when the company was struggling.

Ive been adding more on the way down., its a no brainer IMO

looks like we are working our way through the volume down to the low of $71
also lines up with possible support line

its not like coffee is going anywhere, and its Starbucks. yea the coffee may not taste the greatest but they know how to keep making people buy more

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dunno. I think overpriced coffee is on the outs. Plus that payout ratio looks uncomfortbly high. I dont see too many more high single digit divy raises left here.
Who knows.

I’m still quietly confident in the long term.
Hopefully once people start feeling money in their pockets again as interest rates drop and go out spending we will see things improve

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I’m still holding SBUX. Will add more to my holdings if I can at some point. :coffee:

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There was an article on this today in the FT. The consensus in the discussion is that the business has lost its way and is responding to competition by cutting costs (and quality) and increasing prices rather than innovating.

It doesn’t look like a particularly attractive investment.

They don’t franchise, they own their own stores but about half are run by large licensees.