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Thank you for all for your votes! We’ve now launched US stocks & we couldn’t leave out Starbucks, they’re included in our Stock Universe :coffee:

Feel free to create a new #investing-and-markets topic & share your thoughts about Starbuck’s future with the community :speech_balloon:

Hard to believe there are no comments here!

I dipped my toe and bought 1 (one!) share of SBUX on Monday. It almost immediately went up on news the company would reopen more than 85% of its US stores by the end of this week.

That’s luck.

I mostly bought it because I think it’s becoming a tech stock. I used to use the payment app before the virus hit, and I read they would whitelabel the solution to other firms.

Starbucks also partnered with the VC firm Sequia to invest in Chinese startups.

I’m excited and plan to buy more next month.

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