Stock request: Money Market Funds

I would like access to something like Vanguard Sterling Short-Term Money Market Fund ISIN: GB00BGB6GZ57 or others from Morningstar category ‘GBP Money Market - Short Term’ as an alternative to holding cash while temporarily withdrawing from other stocks/funds.

I don’t want to hold multiple SIPPs just to enable this, would rather have everything under Freetrade.

Great idea @hiqpwouk

Everything seems to be pointing towards money market funds as a safety net and although my pension is small at present, offsetting some risk in this way would be useful.

I should probably leave the maximum cash in my SIPP for 4% interest but understand that these funds could yield more - plus anything over the threshold doesn’t attract the interest, so would be safer in the bank.

It would probably be wise for FT to add these sooner rather than later as customers are already looking for safe places for their cash. My search for just 1% has cost FT my ISA contributions this year and if they want to maximise their AUM then these funds would help the business (and their customers) a lot.

Unfortunately, FT doesn’t offer this type of fund and it is unlikely to anytime soon. However, it should be able to add an exchange-traded alternative such as CHS2.

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