Stock split (TSLA, AAPL)

hi FT team,

How will you handle Tesla’s (and Apple’s for that matter) stock split?
I have not had something like this happen to any of my stocks so I’m curious.
Does it automatically happen and we don’t need to worry about it? Do we also receive the multiplied amount for the small fractions that we own?
So in Tesla’s case in a 5-1 split, for instance if one owns 2.692 shares now, will they automatically own 5x2.692=13.46 shares the day after the split happens?

p.s. maybe a weekend read blogpost about this? :smiley:




Hi Kornel,

@sampoullain has already mentioned that the team are working on the best solution and will let us know as soon as they have it. Stay tuned!

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Well (my personal opinion) it would make a bit of a mockery of the whole fractional shares thing if they weren’t dealt with in the same way in the split.

Hopefully hear sooner rather than later, give people time to choose a course of action (if required) rather than it being forced / thrust on them on the day!


See what he said in the apple thread, it should be fine. The worst that might happen is like in the Rightmove graph where it says -75% but I imagine tesla and apple are a bit more visible and worth fixing.


Check any stop or limit orders that you have placed here or elsewhere for these stocks.

Yes; we have to wait for the final words from FT regarding the fractional split…

I do have access to other broker who does not support fractional split and sell any fractions available in account to cash.

Although I dont have any fractional shares with FT but It will be interesting to know if FT can do justice and provide accurate fractional split.



Any updates available as yet or ETA of an update?


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Hi, i understand Apple stock will be devided by 4, so lets say once the split happens, and my share is now eg, $100 each will this increase or decrease from $100 on the graph or will it increase or decrease from the current stock price eg $460

An update would be beneficial as it’s getting quite close to the stock split date for both these companies.

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Hi everyone

We’re looking at this again right now, will let you know ASAP.


Any update please Sam? Or any idea when you’ll know if it’s possible? Thanks!

Not an official response from within the forum, but includes a screenshot of an in-app response:

Plus Viktor also confirmed in through less clearly in the forum Apple thread.

Edit. Not my reddit account btw!


Nice! :raised_hands::raised_hands: Just seen T212 have confirmed they can’t split fractions so either you sell before the split or they will sell on your behalf at the last price before the split.

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thanks for lmk that Nicko, this is the final straw, I am selling all my stocks on T212 and moving over to FT right now! I didn’t want to do this before because I promised myself not to sell ANY Tesla shares… I guess I have to break that now.


Just a note of caution - both Apple and Tesla have qualifying dates for the purchase of stock to qualify - 21st August for Tesla, August 24th for Apple (I believe you have to buy the stock BEFORE the cut off date, purchase ON the cut off day wont qualify.)

Apple FAQ, stock split is covered in section 2.

Tesla FAQ, they don’t appear to have a dedicated FAQ for the split, I got the cut off date from the internet, so please DYOR in-case the sites I checked are wrong.

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Yes, everyone’s getting excited, and some (even myself) would argue these companies are overvalued. But it’s certainly not snake oil they’re selling.

With prospective growth companies, comes potentially massive index-beating returns.

And i can give a personal reason why:

I’m pushing a £5,000 profit (233% gain) on Tesla stock, bought only four months ago.

To put that into perspective, £5,000 / 12 months would be £416 a month.

Still trying to find a ETF or Company that beats that in dividends.

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You seem to be having a different conversation then the rest of us in this thread :joy: In fact your reply looks and reads like an auto generated bot response - only vaguely related to the thread, and with an unnecessary disclaimer.


That’s brilliant from Freetrade!

Question regarding say Tesla split as I don’t remember history with other companies - so by Friday 21st any shareholders will receive the split after the 28th and split will begin on the 31st August.

So what happens in the week between August 24th to 28th? who would buy if they are not getting a split? can during this time the stock market go up or down? stay level? as there is no activity? Im curious about the behaviour.

Hope I made sense.


From the Apple FAQ: I guess Tesla will be the same.

‘If you buy shares on or after the Record Date but before the Ex Date, you will purchase the shares at the pre-split price and will receive (or your brokerage account will be credited with) the shares purchased. Following the split, you will receive (or your brokerage account will be credited with) the additional shares resulting from the stock split.’

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