Successful Crowdfunding Exits

We already have a thread for Crowdfunding failures. @Alderms Suggested we have one for successful exits

Has anyone made money from a successful Exit?

I’ve had one so far. I put £500 into e-car club. I got £1575 back which was a pretty good return. They still seem to be doing OK so I kind of wish I’d been given the chance to stay invested


Aviva acquiring Wealthify returned around 17% after Seedrs carry.

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I exited Phoenix Point 6 months ago. I was up 85% in 18 months. The game is out now.

I exited early because their dividend payout method was not good taxwise for overseas investors.

My only exit so far. But I think What the Golf will give a healthy return too.


I backed the game, but didn’t actually invest. I guess it was successful because I have game and season pass for less than it costs to buy now on Epic store

I think the best ROI I heard of to date was early stage investors in Revolut who crowdfunded via Crowdcube and investors got 19x their investment 2 years later. I reference that in my blog post here:


I got x31 or x32 plus exit in contract pod this year


Those who held on to their shares will likely see a far better return, I’m guessing 50x…
What was extraordinary in Revolut is that investors got preferred shares, just like the VCs that joined simultaneously.


+1 for wealthify as well shame about the early exit

Hopefully another +1 for weswap, eis benefit has matured so exiting hopefully with a gain

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Whilst not an exit, Igloo Energy have announced they have closed a new 4 million pound raise from OSAKA gas lifting the share price to £59.15 from £18.16.


Stamplay acquired by Apple .I think about 100%

I have had 2 exits from Crowdcube:

  1. Wool & The Gang
  2. Movem

I wasn’t happy about movem though as I expected it to do a lot better.

This week we just got paid out on Parcel2Go (Crowdcube). 55% return in 2 years + a further 5% dividend yield.

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Monzo was pretty good.

I think the most notable one I’ve seen was Brewdog ( it was up 28x for the earliest investors.

Hopefully, Freetrade will be joining the ranks soon :wink: :money_mouth_face:


Decent. Very Decent return for 24 months I thought. Have many many more with much bigger potential returns (on paper that is that might never actually materialise of course) but this is the first real “cash out / profit taking” I’ve had. I’ve got my hopes pinned on a cool wee company called FreeTrade - anyone heard of them? :wink::muscle:t3::heart:


Looking like my second successful exit may be on the way, but again I think they’ve gone too early and the return doesn’t really justify the risk I took. Yeah I’ll make 60-70% but I’m up that much on AAPL in a shorter timescale without the risk of a losing the lot

I think the successes really need to be a multi bagger to justify the risk, and cover the inevitable failures. I probably won’t bother with any more if this is the way it’s gonna go

Not sure if I’m allowed to say who it is yet, it was a “secret” email from crowdcube


That’s the way I feel on reading this and from my clients at work. A huge amount of risk, most fail and the good ones either dont cash it out for the investors or cash out just as things look amazing and the return would have been pretty much guaranteed in a couple of extra years with near zero risk as a long term investor in a diverse portfolio.

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Pod Point? It’s in the public media now so you can say. Better than a failure but hardly fanatastical, yes.

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Yeah it’s Pod Point. with all the talk of hundreds of charge points in supermarkets all over the place I was hoping for a bit more from them

I do actually get to vote on it, but I don’t think there’s much point if the majority shareholders want to sell

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The problem is that they’ll never, as a small independent company, be able to scale. They’ve realised this and sold out to a huge energy company. The realistic alternative was to rack up massive losses and fail, so this is a reasonable outcome for us.

Yeah, It’s still a success, I’m just feeling that crowdfunding is not worth the risk to get 60% or so. That’s doable with large established companies who are highly unlikely to fail. See MSFT and AAPL this year.