Suggestion: risk rating

It is great that you are adding many AIM stocks and I have suggested a few as well but you are also adding a number of hyped and ramped companies that will burn newbie investors - Versarian for one will be. I have been there and bought without really understanding what I am doing let alone what these companies do or don’t do (actually generate cash flow) and lost money

Can I suggest that you dream up a risk rating based simply on the market they trade in e.g. FTSE100, FTSE350, AIM etc. or more sophisticated and explain that AIM companies will not make you any money on average and underperform all of the other markets. It was not so long ago that AIM stocks could not be added to an ISA due to the risks.

I appreciate as a broker Freetrade does not care very much as long there are transactions going through but I’m sure your license must stipulate that your clients are given adequate information to make an informed decision.

Can I suggest instead that the index be put on instead?
So for example:
Index FTSE 100 No.1

The AIM index is notorious for it’s major crash and burns…

… and frauds.