Tandem thinks about IPO

5 years away so I’m not sure how seriously this should be taken but it’s interesting


Don’t know or follow Tandem, but everyone here says it’s a stinker? :thinking:

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Yeah they definitely have issues, tried to do a Q&A on the Monzo forum and got mauled :see_no_evil:

I think you just nailed one. Lack of attention from potential customers. I had the exact same experience as you.

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VCs having a “Oprah You get a car Unicorn” moment. Pop references aside, would be good to see it work out for Tandem. Anyone want to guess what the 1 free share will be worth :grinning:


I want to like Tandem but nobody has anything good to say about them

I have run into issues that should never have been a issue, so I know what you mean. I think the main problem has been with the way they had to acquire companies to get to market, after their funding fell through which led them to return their banking license whilst they decided on how to move forward. One day they’ll have integrated it all together and we’ll have a better product :crossed_fingers:

On the plus side: their customer support always wants to help, they have a Great rating on Trustpilot, and Tandem is still seeing a lot of growth.

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