Tax on reit stocks

If I buy a reit outside of an isa will the dividends go towards my 2000 limit or is it taxed differently.
Also if I buy them in an isa does this mean I don’t have to pay the tax on the reits.

Also does reit etfs work any differently as per tax

I have researched it and got confused as kept seeing different answers.

The page below explains the different types of tax treatments with REITs and also details how to fill out your tax return depending on the type. So should cover your question

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REIT income (PID) is taxed separately from dividend income. See tax return instructions 2021.

Buying them in an ISA means no tax and no hassle.





Thank you for the info. @DavidM
Can I check if reit etfs are dealt in this way, as justetfs states despite individual reits having special rules the reit etfs are dealt with, the same way as any other etf.

Is this correct?

Yes that is what I understand although I’ve never invested in REIT ETFs.

ETFs are taxed the same (except bonds) so it should apply to REIT EFTs. Also with REIT ETFs, it is not possible as far as I know to differentiate PID from non-PID so it would be a pain if it was taxed the same way.


Thank you for the assistance and info
Much appreciated

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