Tencent, akamai, all gold ETFs please

Can you please add gold themed ETFs like GLD. And UGLD etc.

Also surely we need major plays like BABA, Tencent, Akamai added ?

Alibaba and Tencent are both on freetrade already

Alibaba and Tencent aren’t allowed in ISA’s, but are in the basic account

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Can please explain why you can’t buy these shares in the ISA account

Here is the list of recognised exchanges for ISAs:


You may not know this but Tencent and Alibaba stocks are not actually stocks traded on the NYSE. Instead they are American Depository Receipts. What this means is they can be bought and sold like an actual stock but an institutional bank actually buys and holds these stocks for you off of the Chinese exchanges they are listed on. As Chinese exchanges are not recognised by HMRC you cannot buy the corresponding ADRs.


Thanks :pray:

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