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Artisanal Spirits Company (ASC) is based in Edinburgh. It owns The Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS) which was established in 1983 and currently has a growing worldwide membership of 28,000 paying subscribers.

Harnessing the experience of some of the most knowledgeable stewards in the industry, SMWS provides members with inspiring experiences, content and exclusive access to a vast and unique range of outstanding single cask Scotch malt whiskies and other craft spirits, sourced from over 100 distilleries in 20 countries and expertly curated with diligence and care. In 2020 over 85% of Group revenue was generated online, whilst 9% was generated through SMWS’s four UK venues.

Having initially proven its premium experience model in the UK, SMWS is now able to offer its unrivalled breadth of distinguished flavours to an expanding international market, with 69% of 2020 sales from outside the UK. SMWS has a growing presence in the key international whisky markets of UK, China, USA and Europe.

ASC is building a portfolio of premium brands that bring together some of the world’s best producers with a growing movement of discerning consumers by curating unrivalled collections of craft spirits.

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