The Crypto Wealth Transfer

Thats why most of this coins will be hacked - or go to zero. One of the reasons why blockchain is so powerful and useful is because of proof of work.

I would highly suggest to read the book called the Bitcoin standard.

Crypto is full of fraud and manipulation right now. The entire price of bitcoin is based on the liquidity provided by tether which is a fraudulent asset.

Invest in crypto at your on risk , you’re gonna get burnt.

Libra isn’t a crypto like bitcoin etc. It’s a payments system that is controlled.

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Sj1990 they won’t ban crypto what they will do is shut it off from the traditional financial system.

Crypto right now gets most of its value because you can launder it into cash extremely easily .

Fast forward ten years when cash is on the way out and it will be easy for government to say right no business can accept crypto then suddenly you can’t spend it anywhere