Wealth distribution

Lately I’ve been looking into what my current distribution of wealth is across different assets and how this should change during economic cycles / stages of life.

I’d be really interested to hear from others in the community. How are you distributed? Is that where you want to be?

For me today:
Property 35% - As I get older I’d like to see this rise, as I currently only own part of a property. I’m still country hopping (NZ, UK, Canada) so it’s not a priority for me right now.

Cash 21% - This doesn’t include any cash currently sat in my FT account.

Start Up 12% - Obviously this is only the paper value of my investments and mentally I’ve written this money off. I may increase my FT holding this round but otherwise not keen for this to rise any higher.

Stocks 15% - Currently a lot of this is sat as cash in my Freetrade account. I’m going to start averaging in from this week onwards, but like many I’m expecting a correction soon.

P2P 9% - I’m slowly getting rid of all my P2P lending when loans reach maturity so this will go to zero.

Crypto 8% - I see this as a gamble that I can’t afford not to take. If I lose my money then so be it, but the potential upside is huge. I will look to increase my position gradually the next few months.