What do you fellow freetraders invest in?

What does everybody’s portfolio look like? Think this would make for a great chat! Feel free to give as much or as little information as you want. Its always interesting to hear what people are investing in ( stocks, art, gold, crypto, etc), and how :blush:

I’ll start:

Philosophy: Passive
Risk: Very High
Horizon: 20+years
Been investing for: ~1 year

Global listed equities (Large-small cap, Developed and emerging markets) 75%

ROI: 10%
Not much small cap love i’ve noticed! Only the FTSE global all cap etf/funds fit exactly what i look for: I love the idea of being globally diversified and taking on the whole spectrum of risk in the stock market.

Equity Crowdfunding 10%

ROI: 35% (yippee!)
Risky, I know! This is the exciting, high octane, hobbyist part of my portfolio; e.g. Freetrade, Crowdcube, Thread stylings :rocket:

Total bond market 5%

ROI: 0%
Emergency fund tbh :upside_down_face:

P2P lending 5%

ROI: 6%
love the risk-adjusted returns so far in this space. includes Ratesetter, Fundingcircle, Zopa, lendingworks.

Individual stocks 5%

ROI: -20% (what i get for trying to beat the market!)
I actually consider myself a very passive investor, so I try to gain exposure to under indexed Cos if that makes sense? e.g. Burford capital, Draper Esprit, Purplebricks)

Property 0+%

Theoretical ROI: 9% (UK house price index)
Included as I would love to dip my toes in property for the sake of diversification and high yields,through being a homeowner or crowdfunding (e.g. Propertypartner). Being a homeowner is also perhaps the only opportunity a retail investor has to use leverage in a relatively safe way (especially given current interest rates). Unfortunately, homeownership and property crowdfunding both have too many challenges (high concentration risk and minimums vs tax inneficiency) at the moment for me!

So, How about yourselves? :slight_smile:


Five months ago the portfolio was

35% S&P 500 ETF
15% FTSE 100 ETF
10% Global Small Cap Accumulation
10% UK Gilts

20% Canadian/American individual marijuana stocks

5% Premium Bonds

5% Cash

And now…

30% UK Gilts & Global bonds ETF’s
15% Developed world ETF
5% Global small cap

10% Gold & Silver ETF’s

5% Canadian/American individual marijuana stocks

5% Premium bonds

30% Cash


I am currently:
**investment trusts: 36.5%
**index tracking ETF: 36%
**individual stocks: 17.5%
**bond ETF: 8.4%
**cash: 1.6%

I am thinking about my IT’s though, SMT, FCSS, BGFD, TRIG. Probably going to sell one and put the money into my ETF VWRL. Trouble is they are all doing so well. I think that SMT and VWRL has a good bit of crossover between stocks so maybe that one.

Oh don’t forget a cheeky one off dabble into crowdfunding: FREETRADE :facepunch:t2:

Anyway it’s early days, 6months in. A work in progress.


I currently have 60/30/10, stocks, bonds, other

  • Individual Stocks, UK and US
  • Stocks ETF, International and EM
  • Gold (iShares Gold Trust)
  • Bonds, High Grade US treasury and Corporate
  • Cryptos BTC, XRP and LTC. Purely speculation. ~6%
  • Crowdfund and others. This and cryptos make up my “mad money” (up to 10%)
  • Cash
    Slowly moving more to my Freetrade account as it is much better for regular purchases and moving more into bonds as stocks become overpriced.

Largely QQQ (best performer last 10 years over almost any timeframe).

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@DavidM @101
Nice portfolios guys! Fascinated but your precious metals holdings in particular!

Can I ask what inspired you guys to allocate it to your portfolios? And why you prefer to invest via ETFs?

The non productive asset argument and costs of storage put me off, but ive read its great for reducing overall portfolio volatility? Also, many investors I respect are strong advocates of gold and push some great arguments in gold`s favour. On top of that, I love what they’re doing at ‘bullionvault’, making gold a lot cheaper to access… not unlike freetrade does for stocks i guess?

I’ve been waiting for someone to change my mind on this a long time!

For gold (and possibly silver) The past three months have been great buying opportunities as a hedge for the next 3 - 5 years I believe.

It’s been about that time to invest in commodities, hold more in bonds, more in cash and position myself for the next however long… to then start buying equities during periods where value appears heavily.

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A bit complicated, and you’re relying on unregulated bullionvault not to go bust etc. Much better to stick with the ETF, which is LON:SGLN on Freetrade. Having said that I just checked, the spread at bullionvault is 0.11% whereas SGLN is 0.34% (wish Freetrade showed bid/offer).

Also Gold has been in a range for the last few years, so now is not really the time to get in. Just goes up and down. As you can see, if you’d bought at previous tops you’d be no further ahead. It has not been behaving as a haven very well, for example it is current at 5-year highs when SPX is also at all-time highs.


Holding actual gold/silver is something I done in 2007/8 by fluke before the recession. I curiously tried buying bars from Silvertowne in America just purely to hold gold & silver and they arrived at my door in UK with no fees. Sure I paid around $75 per 5oz silver. Those prices shot up considerably in 2011/12.

As easy as it was to sell in 2011/12, I kinda like the ETF way now which is available.


I have been holding gold for around 4 years, simply as a store of value, to protect against uncertainty, inflation and to diversify. I thought this was important back then and even more so now. The last few years have been great for gold returning about 5.5% annually. Also ETFs make it really cost efficient to invest in gold.

I should also point out, this is only about 4% of my whole portfolio.