💸 The Freetrade ETFs Spreadsheet 💸

Hi All

Following on from my first write up How We Should All Invest – But Probably Won’t (Newbie Guide).

I thought I would share my (work in progress) ETF spreadsheet, in case it will help anyone. Has key data which provides a good starting point for picking your weapon of choice :gun:

Please don’t sue me if the data isn’t 100% accurate! As always please do your own research too! :nerd_face:


Jack :money_with_wings:


VUSA stands out on that spreadsheet :ok_hand:

This is fantastic. Thanks Jack

This spreadsheet is fantastically useful. Is it possible for Freetrade staff to promote it, somehow?

I was searching online, but no joy. Does anyone know what are the top dividend ETFs here in the UK, and if they are on Freetrade?

S&P Div Aristocrat, I think. Not UK stocks, US, but available here. Slightly risky but overall a good bet.


I posted a spreadsheet I made of the ETFs available on FreeTrade, has historic yields on there :nerd_face:


Your spreadsheet is fantastic. There are (historically…) high dividend paying ETFs thatpay every month! Thanks again.

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I can’t recommend your spreadsheet enough!

I lined up a batch order for the European high dividend ETF (£IDVY). It’s a bit of a hedge against Brexit, and the numbers look nice with a 4.45% dividend yield and the price is not at an all-time high.

Thank you for putting this together for the community. It deserves to be linked:


@J4ck totally agree this IS fantastic. Thanks Jack

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Monthly!!! That’s great passive income there


Right? I’m saving for one of those, so I can have a little bit of monthly passive income.

This is an immense piece of work, well done!

If I may suggest, I believe it would be better to erase “£” and “,” signs in column G and set currency format instead. First, it will apply those back anyway, but also will allow sorting in ascending and descending order properly. At the moment, it only sorts by the first digit (e.g. ascending order looks like this: £1 < £100 < £2 instead of £1 < £2 < £100) rather than actual volume.


Think that should be fixed!

Sorry copied it over from excel - my Google Sheets skills are “in development”

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And if you wanted to make the Yield formula “live” you could drop in this formula…take the example of cell L3…


(remember to change the quotation marks as the quotes in Discourse don’t copy/paste well over to Google sheets)


Thanks added another column - Had to us the v2 command :slight_smile:

The only one that doesn’t match is the HSBC MSCI China index

Happy for any more suggestions/additions :money_with_wings:

Thanks, really good stuff.

Nice work.

On the face of it HMCH should be in the 1.8% region on a 12 month trailing basis. Last years div about 11p with a current share price of about £6

Looks like a few other function calls you could utilise - feel free to. ukOCF, ftTRANS and ukDividendFrequency look like they’d slide nicely into your spreadsheet. You could add ukDividendPayDate or ExDate or Amount to track latest/upcoming actual dividend payments - could be useful.

Any data points I can add for you?

Not sure what the issue was there, but updated it :slight_smile:

Will go through and do that soon!

Was trying to use dividendamount but had some issues (i think it is pulling through last quarters dividend rather than full years) is there a way to get last years full dividend or TTM?