Dividend yield and ex date

(ashik) #1

I was wondering which place is the best to find the dividend yield and ex date for etf such as ERNS? If someone prodvides the info that will be helpful too

(Dimitri John Ledkov) #2

Google the ticker e.g. “ERNS ETF” it should take you to the website of said ETF manager, ishares in this case. There you should be able to reach https://www.ishares.com/uk/individual/en/products/258120/ishares-ultrashort-bond-ucits-etf

there are a lot of details, but there is a table of distributions on the left hand side, and one can click show full table to see when and how much is paid.

For comparison just to see %, you can look at characteristics yield to maturity and distribution yield are the two metrics one typically looks at.

(dataNerd) #3

The issue of ex date, pay date and yield seems to keep coming up in this community.

Being a nerd and a bore I thought I’d try something.

It’s very slow at the moment as I’m a rubbish coder.

But here you go …


ERNS is on page 5


Can add any data points you want … volume, live prices etc…

If it’s at all useful I’ll build it out, probably

(Hugh Grigg) #4

Nice work! Nothing boring about this :slight_smile:

Dividend notifications are coming soon to the app, so you’ll be able to see this information for the instruments you own there as well.


Cool. Do you have the source code up anywhere? I might like to take a look and see why it’s slow.

(dataNerd) #6

Shucks! Thanks guys. Glad you like it.

You can actually upload you’re own portfolio and have it analyse dividends past/due/overdue too, but it’s a bit clunky so not subjecting the world to that pain just yet.

Other data points of interest? Volume seems to keep coming up - but LSE or CBOE? Live prices (well, 15 mins delayed)?

I guess I should try to do it for US divs now you’ve released the universe???!?!?!


Looks good.

How are you sourcing the data?

(dataNerd) #8

Scraping. But with differing logic for ETFs, ITs and standard equity - the sources and cleansing are different for each… hence the speed… and why I filter into batches of 25… otherwise it will hang for minutes trying to logically extract the latest data.


Cache the data, either a HTTP caching layer, or much simpler try a key/value store. You could even generate html pages on a set schedule. But well done you shipped :+1:

Regarding scraping be careful, it’s a grey area, generally speaking it’s frowned upon.

(dataNerd) #10


Awesome! I’m not Pieter Levels, but thanks!

It took less than 1 hour


That reminds me, IEX have a API covering US stocks https://iextrading.com/developer/docs/ you might want to look at :slightly_smiling_face:

Freetrade use this in some capacity

(Alex Sherwood) #12

Yes we’ll use that for our stock prices in the app, for US stocks.


Reading around their website, those guys seem pretty great. Is there an equivalent in the UK?

Where does Freetrade get their information for the existing securities from? Does Freetrade plan on having a public API for interacting with the platform?


Not as far as I know. IEX is a new exchange.

Freetrade use LSE and CBOE, both are paid for services from what I can tell.

Freetrade might offer a API, you can vote for a API here.

(dataNerd) #15

Ok, US divs going ex-dividend from about now

So assuming Freetrade make available US stocks in early Jan ‘19 then you can see the earliest possibility you have to ‘test’ this functionality. Cos, ya-know, you’re all nice people and lookin to help wherever you can!

Trade before Ex-date and hold over ex-date and the dividend is yours. For anyone that doesn’t know.

Didn’t use the IEX API… It’s fine but annoying at times, hacked other sources instead

Logos took longer than the entire data grab.


(Ian) #16

Hey @dataNerd - this is great, thanks.

What were the other data sources you ended up using?


Which stocks pay shares as dividends?

Dividends Activity Feed
(Alex Sherwood) #18

Some other users have shared some tips for finding stocks that pay dividends here so I’ve moved your post over, I hope that helps! Let us know if you have any questions :smile:


That’s a good question.

I have not seen any stocks offering dividend payments in the form of additional shares instead of a cash payout.

Perhaps it is possible on request for some shares? Or it is a valid payout method for dividends but is uncommon?

(Dave Smith) #20

Some companies offer a scrip dividend option, but I’m not sure it’s available through typical online brokers? Possibly because the shares are held in a nominee account?