The Trade Center Wales

I’d like to request a PLC added to freetrade, the company is called The Trade Center Wales, and they’ve been booming in my area for quite some time and have only recently become PLC.

Is it not The Trade Centre Group? Looks like they’ve been public for a few years:

They’ve had 20% to 50% annual growth the last few years, I can see.

A PLC isn’t always listed. Brewdog is also a PLC.

Looks like they are not listed. This might be because they don’t meet the stock exchange criteria or they don’t want to be listed because they are too small or don’t want public investors.

Yes the trade centre group. Oh they have to be listed? I wasn’t aware

Why would a company make themselves a PLC if they don’t want to be listed? They could just stay as a limited company and take private investment?

Maybe there’s some benefits to being a PLC.

It makes it easier to raise capital but I think most public limited companies do it for the prestige, because of the tighter regulations and more transparency required to be a plc. They might then decide not to list because they don’t want to offer to external investors or maybe they don’t meet the exchange requirements.