The waitlist is now open for France, Germany and the Netherlands 🇫🇷 🇩🇪 🇳🇱

It’s official – you can now sign up to the waitlist in three new countries :woman_cartwheeling:


And of course, not forgetting Ireland which we also launched recently :ireland:

You can read more about it on our blog:

While we still have some work to do until the app goes live in these markets, we’re excited to get the ball rolling and can’t wait for more people on the continent to join the Freetrade family! :eu:


Can I use the same UK email address ?

Freetrade accounts are only available for UK residents at the moment. The app is rolling out to residents in these new countries.

But UK residents won’t be able to open another account in order to invest with Euros or see the app in their preferred language for example. We may or may not add these options in the future but they won’t be available when we start the expansion.

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A few answers to FAQs:

What happens after I sign up?

You’ll see a confirmation screen, followed by an email to verify your spot on the waitlist.

How long till the app goes live?

It’ll be a while longer until the app is ready to use. We’ll keep you updated on progress!

Can I share with a friend to move higher up the waitlist?

Yes, we’re running a waitlist referral programme, so start referring your family and friends! Once you’ve verified your email address, the next page that you see will show you your unique referral link.

Does European expansion mean we’ll get access to European stocks?

Our new Investment Platform will enable us to add European stocks to the UK app - that’s not linked to the expansion.

That’s awesome, thank you. I have joined the waitlist but it does not show my spot, only my referrals…

How do you handle accounts from outside the UK after Brexit? Are they protected in each country?

Thanks in advance for your efforts

Cool, just joined the waitlist for France. Sent to a few friends but they were reluctant to join because of the approximative translation. I think that for financial services it might worth it to invest in professional translation services?


Interesting choice of countries :eyes:


Could you DM me with their feedback, if possible?


How exciting. Great news to finally see the first glimpse of expansion.


Signed up, exciting! However, I agree with what has been posted a bit earlier: translations in FR and DE are pretty low quality…

I’d love to hear all about that in DM if you have a minute! :+1:

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Does this also apply if you have an address in, say, both the UK and Germany?

What if you are a dual citizen?

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Citizenship is not important in this instance. The only essential factor is your tax residence, which usually is where you live for 183 days a year or more.


I’ve sent you few corrections and suggestions in pm, happy to review further pages if you need


So some of us are testing the invite a friend. I have talked up some friends in Germany. Is there a way to attach these 2. Would be a nice perk :yum:

You mean the free shares referral? That feature is UK only (as well as crowdfunding investors only) for the foreseeable future.

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For France make sure you offer:


Are the plans to next move onto countries like Austria, Belgium, Switzerland? It would make sense to capitalise on all the work done on language already, although I’m sure there is a lot of red tape for regulation in each country.

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2 years on a wait list is too long and Trade Republic got there first. Obviously this is a must have feature for France:

"As for French users, don’t forget that you have to declare that you have a foreign bank account when you file your taxes. Foreign brokers also don’t necessarily send information to tax authorities to pre-fill your tax reports. But if you’re fine with that, Trade Republic is most likely cheaper than your bank.

Update: Trade Republic sent me the following statement. “Trade Republic will actually provide tax reports for our customers and expect to be releasing this feature in the next few months in time for our French customers tax submissions.”