Freetrade for EU residents

Hey guys,
When can we expect FreeTrade to be available for French residents?
Many thanks in advance

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Si vous obtenez une réponse, je mangerai mon chapeau :tophat: et s’ils disent 2021, je mangerai 2 chapeaux :tophat::tophat:. Je peux presque garantir que ce sera 2022. J’espère que je n’ai offensé personne avec mes prédictions :grinning::grinning:

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From what has been said by FT’s team – it is expected some time this year.

Make sure you are on the waiting list and spread the word if you have people around you who might be interested (there is a chance to win a Tesla share when the app launches for those who invite the most users)

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Hey @Adarif,

As Sergey said, we make every effort to ensure that the app arrives in France at the earliest this year.
By subscribing to the French waitlist you’ll also receive our newsletter updates for France (in French), and you can also take part in the discussion here:


@Casperthefriendlyghost You never know what might happen, but the plan is absolutely 2021 so you might want to get your salt and pepper out :billed_cap: :crazy_face:


@Romain I really hope you are right :salt:🫑


Would like to see a more aggressive timeline than sometime in 2021!


Preparing the pepper then

expansion is very unlikely in my opinion because of Brexit and superior competition

UE based brokers are either expensive either have very crappy apps…
Trading212 is doing business in UE, the brexit did not affect them, so why not freetrade?