Tmsc make available in ISA account

Hi there can you make tmsc available in ISA account please

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (TSMC

Unfortunately, TSM doesn’t fulfil the criteria to allow it to be held within an ISA.

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Shame that , as is producer of all chips used in apple device’s, massive market power there.

Only other choices for myself is Intel, but as TSMC has a much more of the market really wanted that in my isa.

I currently hold some shares in the iShares ETF ITWN (MSCI Taiwan) in my ISA. (Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) | iShares UK – BlackRock).

Currently TSMC makes up about 30% of the holdings in the ETF (out of a total of 90 holdings).

The ETF is down about 27% YTD.

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What criteria? I have held this in an ISA with interactive brokers?

It’s rather complicated, but one of the conditions for ADRs and ADs’s to be eligible to be held in an ISA, is that the underlaying shares need to be registered on they need to be listed on an recognised stock exchange, of which Taiwan Stock Exchange isn’t recognised. (Recognised in this instance means by HMRC

I am bit surprised that that IBKR have allowed you to hold it in an ISA while T212 (who use their infrastructure) do, as far as I know, recognise it as ineligible to hold in an ISA.

Eitherway this is a conversation you should be having with your ISA provider for more clarity.