TransferGo on Seedrs

(Peter Magyar) #1

What do you think about new opportunity, Trasfergo´s crowdfunding on Seedrs? Launch date has been confirmed, campaign will be live on 24th October with 5100 pre-registering and committing to a total investment of 13.3M.

(Big Boss) #2

How are they different from Transferwise?


I’m aware of TransferGo but couldn’t use them before even it was listed on a cashback site because the country I was gonna send my money to was not available so I’ve always gone with TW. Now checking TG, they’re available in 47 countries and the country I wanted is already in their list but considering that TW is available in almost all parts of the world, TG is behind.

Here’s a good comparison link:




(Rebecca) #5

Is that what Transfergo seeking in this upcoming round?


Yes and 93% funded so far.

(Rebecca) #7

Weird it’s not showing anywhere on seedrs


It’s in private mode, I was emailed a link. Have you tried pre-registering on

(Peter Magyar) #9

(Big Boss) #10

With Transferwise so dominant and being unable to determine TransferGo’s differentiation or niche, this is a no go for me.