Paysend coming to Seedrs

Any thoughts about Paysend? Has anyone used the product before?

Haven’t heard from them, how do they differ from the likes of transferwise and Revolut?

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I skimmed through it, it seems like the same thing wrapped in purple.

If you look at the trustpilot reviews, you can see its customers have Russian names (not sure if they are real) and the senior staff are all Moscow based. It seems confusing the way the campaign is worded because the card product doesn’t have 720k customers, it is that does. This makes me wonder which company of theirs are they giving away equity for.

My gut feeling tells me to stay clear of these guys.

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I’d been using Paysend for the last 5 months to send money to China.
Everything was ok for me.
As far as I understand you can send money from/to Russia through Paysend, that’s why they have Russian names.
It seems they are launching new app Paysend global account -

I know it’s very trendy, but let’s not start assuming that people aren’t real just because they are Russian.


I did pre-register on this one and got an email 2 days ago that the crowdfunding is about to start but I never got the email. Thought it will open to public today. :thinking:

Same, I even replied to the initial email asking when the round would be open and heard nothing back.

Not a great sign for their crowdfunding campaign to go dark.

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Email finally came through this morning with ‘priority access’ to a campaign that was already 98% funded 13 minutes after the email arrived. Interesting backers listed already.