Crowdcube payment collection


Hey everyone.

To update you if you’ve been following or investing in our Crowdcube raise:

Crowdcube’s money collection process will start this evening. Don’t panic if you don’t see the payment leave straight away - the process can take a few days.

@HannahCrowdcube can help answer any questions too.

CrowdCube Fundraise
Visa Network Down and Crowdcube/Freetrade attempting to take payments
(Tommy Lowe) #2


CrowdCube Fundraise

Same here. Surprised mine went through without any effort. Guess they’re learning, had to speak to them a few times this year. Kept asking me weird questions from my credit file… like we know what weird things CRAs add to our files :roll_eyes:

(Tommy Lowe) #4

Is that Monzo? I had to dig through 5 years of credit history with Lloyds 3 weeks back just to send my friend some money, ridiculous. 3 Crowdcube investments have gone through with Monzo no problem though,


Bingo! Got to love them though for protecting my money from me… :rofl:


BOOM! There she goes folks, money just left my account. Shares on their way. Time for Freetrade to provide an awesome trading experience so I can make myself rich whilst waiting for Freetrade shares to make me rich also!


@HannahCrowdcube its only processed and taken my initial pledged amount, not the total pledge yet. Is this normal?


Give it time, I made 4 separate pledges, 3 have gone out as separate withdraws still waiting for the last one.


All sorted yet? I’m still waiting for my final payment to go.

(Aris David) #10

Some of my payments did not go through. Logged into crowdcube, clicked retry, payment processed successfully. :smile:

(Hannah) #11

Hi, Stephen is correct that these payments will be collected separately. We are currently processing transactions in the order they were made on the pitch. If you have any concerns please do feel free to pop me a DM


Not yet, I increased my pledge 24 hours apart but not long after it went public… the sooner it comes out my account the better. Would have made sense surely to just take the whole pledged amount but it is what it is. :crossed_fingers:

(Christopher) #13

I usually get a text from American Express asking me if i’ve tried to put XX charge via XX merchant on my account. 1 if yes, it’s me, or if it’s not panic, and call for help!

And that just happened an hour ago :rotating_light::boom::champagne: !

@saf @tommy having to break out your credit file is a bit much in order to authorise a transaction!


Yeah mine was through Monzo too and all went smoothly. :+1: to Monzo


Likewise, all processed now through Monzo :bank:

(Vladislav Kozub) #16

Have a non-EU based legacy bank. Their security standards make them send me a text with a code every time I make a transaction on the web. Even with every Amazon purchase! Then they send me a text confirming the transaction is complete.

The only exception was my Freetrade shares, they paid to Crowdcube without a doubt just like it’s some daily routine caffeine intake. Absolutely surprised I did not have to give my text code to Hannah

Anyway, great processing, thanks Crowdcube and @HannahCrowdcube :ok_hand:

(Tommy Lowe) #17

If your payment doesn’t go through this might be why…


Dodged a bullet by not using RBS or Revolut then :sweat_smile:

(Tommy Lowe) #19

Definitely! It’s Mastercard as well though guys

(Richard) #20

Mine has gone out too :grimacing::+1:t5: