Crowdcube payment

My crowdcube payment hasn’t gone through.
Is this normal?
Will I lose my investment?

You will have received an email about the cooling off period. It ends at 23.59 on 7th May and payment will be taken some time after that, but not before.


Yep , I got the same email as Liz. They normally take payment a day or two after that.

Have the cooling off emails gone yet? I am yet to receive mine if it has

I’ve got mine at least. Came in on the 30th April at 16:30.

Mine came around the same time. I’d assume if you haven’t had one by now there’s an issue somewhere. Maybe worth logging in to Crowdcube to check the status

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They sent mine today as a forwarded mail after I emailed support. Apparently it was bouncing back when they sent it on the 30th April.

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