When will funds be collected?

Crowdfunding is finished, when will the funds be collected from our bank accounts? No notification since the crowdfunding was live.


My funds have been collected. Although it seems crowdcube is still processing.

If you invested after the £3m mark then it will be July. I think its when you invested, they seem to be taking it in the order of when the investments were placed

Thanks for the reply.

Did you receive the stated prior notification before they took funds?

Yeh, It was pretty much exactly 24 hours after their notice

Yeah, i invested twice. First one’s been taken, second one hasn’t yet. You get a notification email 24 hours prior to your account being debited.

Hi there, first of all – welcome to the forum, and thanks for the support!

You can always email hello@crowdcube.com for an update, too.