TUI AG ☀ 🌴 - TUI

I think this stock from FTSE100 should be in Freetrade Universe as with the disappearance of Thomson it is one of the leading companies in package holidays in the UK and Europe.


Disappointed TUI isn’t already on Freetrade app. Please try to add soon guys!


Judging by today’s share price, TUI will probably go bust before FT adds it.

Bumping this one up :wink:

TUI Holiday makers, recently good prospects in terms of bookings for next year. Potentially good for a 1-2 year hold.

+1 For TUI be added

Could anybody on here explain this? Asking for a friend. Thanks in advance.

Would love this to be added. Tui is the biggest german travel and leisure company. I think it can only go upwards as they are backed by the government and the pandemic is slowly comming to the end.

The pandemic is far from over. Analysts are talking about recovery and some level of normalcy only in 2023 now.

This has been requested several times before so requesting the mods to merge this with


well that’s true but i would want to invest into it at its lowest than in 2023.

thanks haven’t noticed it before

Could the Tui Group please be added to the platform?

I think this has been requested before - if I remember rightly there are some nationality issues but I’m someone can cconfirm. Same as some airline

Everyone needs a holiday stock as much as everyone needs a holiday :sunny: :desert_island: