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No experience of reverse splits, how would that affect the value of the share holding?

Tend to use LSE and ADVFN chat boards and haven’t seen as yet any views on reverse?

Some views are suggesting short seller but not seeing any short selling activity at this moment and lots of folks selling the RI options to buy the new shares at as low as 50p from what was over a £1

Strange times on this share as was expecting it to range at £8 after RI?

Oops! Is, or rather was that the consolidation ? The 10:1. Or is the reverse split something else that just happens,

I think you need to head back over to the LSE boards, sounds like you havent been on there for a while as there is a plethora of information on whats happening with different views etc. Scroll back on post’s to last week and the week before if need be.


Too many posts being pushed through Lse at the moment to keep track on a add hoc entry view
Any thoughts why the share is dumping at such a low price?
Seems a panic situation given value of shares with the debt was known and still a value share at £16 and now we’re seeing more shares for sale to support reduce debt, maybe they choose the wrong mix of 3/8 so this share should on a simple math be circa £9
I exited at £13.40 ish with a 15% loss hit from Freetrade account as FTrade didn’t support the RI option
If they (TUI) had gone for a lower ratio say 3/5 would we have seen the share price more stable and higher, just a thought…or was the main reason to dump the Russian investor out of the picture
Seems a race to the bottom with folks expecting to buy cheaper on the final whistle

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Its certainly hasnt gone smoothly for many. Ive been sitting on the sidelines waiting, i was tempted to buy before close, but i think we still have lower to go yet.

Mixture of buyer sentiment, investor’s not having the capital to buy the rights, FUD, fear of another rights issue, last day of the year for ISA allowance and also a large part of Institutional fu**ery going on for good measure.

Interesting view re institutional! :money_mouth_face:
Are your thoughts they will try and mop up the unsold shares circ £4.88? Or something else

Understanding Rights Issues

Can FT sell what is offered and pay us the cash since we can’t take up the RI? At least that’s what another broker is doing for people who do nothing on the RI.

Today trading update lifted the SP. So hope FT could at least do this. Better than nothing.

Likewise have seen the same comments re other dealers, however didn’t get the feeling from the FTrade response that would happen and they should have advised if that was the case
I started buying back in on a drip basis, already started circa £6 a share doh!! Should have taken my own advice and thoughts and waited till the RI options expired between the 12th and 17th

Good luck all!

Whats happening now, got a message about tui and rights issue. Any ideas?. Are my shares going to be sold or something

Your RI shares will be sold and money put into your account.
I got mine, they were sold £1.87 per share.

Not sure about this. So the rights shares will be sold? Which is all my tui shares?

# TUI’s revenue lifted by rising prices; mulls London delisting

The firm also said it is considering delisting in London following talks with shareholders.
“The executive board is currently considering, if an upgrade to a prime standard listing in Frankfurt with MDAX inclusion and a delisting from the London Stock Exchange would be in the best interest of shareholders,” the firm said in a statement.

If this happens how will it affect FT held shares?

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I have the same question

I’m wondering about the same thing. I came on here to ask the same question.

I presume if the delist takes place then the stock will go into “sell” only mode (basing this off T212 when Ryanair delisted), also it depends on Freetrades intermediary, they may insist the stock is sold and may force you to sell (with prior sufficent warning).

Just when you think this stock starts to recover, after all its problems it goes and does this.
How would uk citizens buy this stock if it does move to frankfurt.

Buy on the Frankfurt exchange, Tui1. T212 allows this or use a different platform, plenty out there.

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Tui board recommends delisting from London Stock Exchange

The de-listing from the London Stock Exchange is expected to take place in June 2024.

Shareholders will be asked to vote on the proposal at the annual meeting next month.

just received the message from FreeTrade that I’ve to sell my TUI shares, they’re on 65% loss at the moment and i don’t wana sell i thought they’ll be transferred to Frankfurt stock exchange?

Freetrade dont support the Frankfurt stock exchange at the moment.