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Please could you add This is a London listed airline and package holiday company. The share price has fallen due to reduced earnings and losses due to the pandemic but I believe this is a quality business with a positive culture, cash in the bank to survive this difficult time, and an opportunity to thrive as we transition out of the pandemic. I would like to invest now while the share price is low as I believe the company will be successful in the long term.

Great idea. I agree with your suggestion

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As mentioned before it would be good to have other airlines added too such as Easy Jet and TUI as these have also seen their share prices decline due to the pandemic and have room for improvement in the future


Agreed and as other post we need to see EasyJet as it also has scope to increase both in value as seen since 30th Dec and a return of dividends over the coming years of circa 4% if you intend to hold on to shares for a 5 year period as per my plan

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Just popping in with a friendly reminder that a dividend yield is a reverse looking indicator and not something you can rely on as seen below it fluctuates a fair amount and having the free cash flow to continue this dividend is by no means guaranteed.

Easyjet (EZJ) Dividend History.pdf (172.3 KB)

I make this point about all companies so as not to drive the Wizz Air thread off track.

Yes we need a wider range of stocks there are to many missing on freetrade

Just as a reminder certain stocks are subject to nationality ownership requirements. FT are working on this but no confirmed date - maybe in conjunction with the European rollout?

Appreciated the feedback and of course your correct as you only have to take John Lewis as an example of dividend limitations, I guess my point re dividends are they are a welcome bonus in a at times turbulent market and in certain circumstances to utilise the DRIP option to reinvest at a lower rate as in Lloyds bank
Currently happy with the recent Royal Mail special dividend of 20p at addition to 6.7p having originally bought back in the float and recently topped up at £4 a share and looking forward to hopefully a decent Aviva dividend purchased at £378 a share.

Kind Regards

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Any progress on this please? Hopefully soon before the price goes up?
:pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

Completed :eyes:

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I’ll wait until the price finishes dropping though :smile:

keep an eye on U.S. Global Jets UCITS ETF ‘JETS’ as well

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Is anybody still holding this stock?

JET2 is showing a pice of 9p per share. Think this is wrong…


@sampoullain @JamesBell there is an error in the price here either a data feed error or some GBX to GBP division error. Please ping team for correction.

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Google is still showing it at 8 quid a share… If it is 9p, I’ll have a few hundred. Jet 2s website says 840.

This seems to be a data source problem on LSE and not Freetrade. On LSE website the data is also showing a big drop.

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So if I buy 100, will it cost me £9 or £840? :0)

Good question, give it a try. I was thinking the same. The chances of taking advantage of the issue are low, but never say never. The worst that can happen is a failed trade I guess :man_shrugging: