Very few travel stocks on Freetrade

I’m new to free trade and I was looking to invest in an airline (I was thinking Southwest Airlines in America or Ryan air here).

Does anyone know if there’s a timeline to add any more airlines

p.s. I’m quite enjoying the forum.

In the UK they need you to complete a nationality declaration, the logistics of which Freetrade hasn’t quite figured out yet, but it is coming.

US airlines will be part of the US stocks update coming in the next few weeks. If you search for the threads you can find the individual stocks and vote for them.

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Ahh thank you very much

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In the off chance your user number is higher than 121,899 , I was wondering if you could be kind enough to jump to the end of the following thread

and post it. Please feel free to leave out the last couple of digits and follow this format: 121,8XX

The community would appreciate it

Many thanks

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Hey Raul,

no problem, just one question. How do I find my user number?

Assuming you have downloaded the app and created an account:

  1. open the app
  2. tap the person icon on the top right
  3. you should now be able to see it: “Freetrade user #XYZ XYZ”


@Raul oh oops, I thought you were talking about the forum. For the app, while I started using it today, I first registered for it like a year ago. My user number is slightly above 10,000. Sorry about that.

don’t need to be sorry mate

I’m just eager to find out new user numbers and when I saw it was your first post I took a chance

Hope you’re having a nice ride

Ah okay, Yes I am