Is Nationality Declaration ever going to make it onto the roadmap?

Now that instant trades are free will “Nationality Declarations” ever make it onto the Freetrade roadmap?

If it does make it onto the roadmap would it be in the long term category?

Waiting for stocks to be added is not an issue for me, but it would be advantageous to know if an entire type of stocks will never be added.


I saw this was updated beginning of this month:

@sampoullain is this still the latest?

Hey @Rust, we’re bringing nationality declaration stocks into your app of course. We’ve focused on getting the platform, and subsequently, as a first feature, free Instant Orders out first, before we could start planning this improvement.


Perfect, that is great to know.

Thanks, @anon810895 for taking the time to add additional information and @Viktor for verifying that it will make it onto the road map at some point.