Invest to change the world

:man_shrugging: No great detail on the website, they just popped up on social media - paying for sponsored ads…


From their Twitter page

Invest. Be Positive. Create Change.
Invest from £5 into a personal, positive portfolio to give your money the potential to grow and change the world.

It’s sounds like a Robo Advisor focusing on Socially Responsible Investment to me.

edit - more details on https://medium.com/hedge-app/a-pitch-for-the-world-in-a-broken-elevator-cdc90248fe89

edit 2 - Tumelo is linked to, or owned by Hedge, see their Privacy policy:

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LinkedIn has a bit more


Signed up because :woman_shrugging:

Edit: the first word hasn’t endeared them to me


Yeah also signed up - check the competition and all that…


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Sounds like Tickr, jumping on the ESG bandwagon !