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:raised_hands:t2: Up 23% on Twitter now, having bought when it was low.


I have a small amount in Twitter right now, though at one point a couple of years ago I did make a 100% gain before selling and reinvesting elsewhere (on Freetrade of course) :wink:

It’s an incredible platform.

More generally, I’ve enjoyed seeing ‘social networks’ find their own niche over the last few years, rather than being lumped in and compared to each other.

There was a time when Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat were viewed as the same thing whereas in reality they have evolved (as consumer usage of them has evolved) and are so very different from one another.

Social platforms 2.0 is well underway.


Potentially a cool future feature for :freetrade: - price alerts and after-hour trading prices:

Elliott who? September 2019:

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TWTR up 7%.

This is a serious article by a serious publication (Recode):

Will Jack move to Africa this year for up to six months?

Jack stays as a CEO, will do a $2 billion buyback, planning to grow monetisable users, etc.

But will he still be moving to Africa for a few months?

TWTR is up over 4%.


Will no doubt will wipe a few $$ off, potentially a good time to buy if anyone is a fan…


Not much movement yet, considering the severity of it.

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Hackers tricked Twitter employees, hijacked accounts in digital currency scam

Not much movement yet

Wait till the market opens… :upside_down_face:

Up 6% today on earnings. Stock price at the highest this year.

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Twitter down 17% in after hours

If you are in cheap. Never turn down profit. Might consider it before big drop when market opens.

Like Clubhouse :thinking: