Influencer marketing spotted πŸ‘€

True Geordie has 500k+ on twitter


I don’t use Twitter/Instagram etc myself, but I can see this being a good marketing initiative. If people start organically posting about investing, especially non investing-focussed influencers, then Freetrade and other challenger brokers could see massive growth in the size of the market.

β€œDon’t take a larger slice of the pie. Make the pie bigger”


He blocked me on Twitter when I called him out on being paid by a crypto Ponzi scheme to promote it. Nice guy


There’s also a Freetrade section at the beginning of this YouTube video by the same guy:


Great work Freetrade :raised_hands:

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Not sure it is great work by FT as any you tuber can do it to make sweet free shares :joy: The PR is good when a reliable influencer does it but not so good when people who also promote crap do it.

Surely this is an advertising partnership not just True Georgie getting free shares. He has his own link (

I’ll be honest, I signed up to the app yesterday because my brother recommended it while Trading212 is closed. Stuff like this, when shared by a reputable youtuber can be a benefit but as @Big-g says, I keep seeing people spam their links on Twitter which made me think it was bots and I doubted the whole credibility of the site.


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Where can I find my user number?


Click on the profile icon top right :+1:


Thanks Adam! Got it, heading there now

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I thought everyone gets a link if they send an invite. I have seen people doing it that should never be a partnership of FT :joy:

Not sure if it’s been mentioned before but I get a Freetrade ad at the beginning of every Joe Rogan podcast on Spotify.


It is a sad day when influencers are needed for custom :joy: :man_facepalming: I know it is standard nowadays but god it is a sad reflection of the world.


As far as I’m aware you can’t customise the link though. His is clearly made for him by Freetrade

I clicked the link. It’s been a few days but nothing has happened. Do you have to be a member of Twitter to actually use this, how much do you have to fund your account by and where are the full T&C’s?

I think its Β£2 in your account, it should show up as a free share list on your account but might not be revealed for a week or so.

It’s for new accounts only

I wonder how FT get around this as it doesn’t say it is an ad on the twitter post from geordie bloke.

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