How many users now?

Which forum discussion do you think is the most contemporary on this, and the one where the most people are airing their views?
Just saw the Scalable news as well. It is all pointing towards a higher valuation but also that this is turning into a very crowded space, but everyone with a war chest of hundreds of millions of euro

Hi Pat, you should check in the section “Series B Announcement” …

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Thanks Davide. Some of these threads change direction over time. I got the impression that particular one started going off on whether Crowdcube were paying people in secondary in a timeous manner and sort of zoned out.

This was because it was all parts of the series B, as the secondary sale were carried thru by crowdcube.

@fishfinger I’ve been wanting to revive the same discussion for a while. I’ve just posted something here, come join the discussion:


Anybody have a new user number after the recent influencer partnership/s?:


Friend signed up #764,84X


What’s that, still about 1,500 customers daily?

Lovely jubbly


Gimme a fix someone!!

Want to know what the run rate needs to be to hit 1M users by next crowdfund.


The previous two posts before yours combined suggest it’ll take about 5 months to hit 1M at the current acquisition rate.

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Would be a shame to raise at 900k users. I think being at 1M is disproportionately exciting and would really help justify that £1bn valuation.

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1m is just a vanity metric. Anything near that will be extremely impressive. I’d be more concerned with Freetrade timing their CF round effectively around the EU launch.


Yes it is. But we are raising from the crowd. :ok_hand:t2:

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Also investors surely care about active numbers and not just people who got a free share from an influencer or people who will jump after the meme phase ends. I think FT will do VERY well but I also think many brokers will have a dip when everything opens up totally and people want to spend their money on actually doing things. :+1:

Worrying about the user number is not really important compared to other KPIs.


Forget Europe for new customers… imminent expansion to Australia as well :clap::australia:

Absolutely ripe for disruption by FT. Many still paying AUD$10 (minimum) for trading through the biggest trading platform (CommSec). A few small local players signed up 100k+ members and Robinhood AWOL since 2015…

Bring it on!

Shout out to other Aussies in London :rofl:


As a fellow Australian, yes great opp in Aus however it requires full market penetration to really move the dial signups wise. Europe however has the potential to onboard huge numbers(10m+) and is not a one player wins market.

Why wouldn’t Aussies use Stake, given that it’s an Aussie company?

When did Freetrade say that they will crowdfund in September?

Last AMA


Check this out. They are going live in Canada as well!!!