Influencer marketing spotted 👀

Curious why this was flagged. Doesn’t seem to violate any rules…


As much as I hate the world of influencers it is pretty sad to flag that post :joy:


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Sorry @ralf - I missed your post.

I got a message from team FT asking to politely not post team members LinkedIn profiles which I understand.


Oh OK. Doesn’t seem all that much different to other threads where people post links and screenshots of tweets relevant to the companies in the thread, and I’d have thought anything that’s already been posted publicly would be fine, especially as it was relevant to the conversation, but fair enough. Thanks for clearing it up.

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Just waiting for the collaboration with Danny from ‘Rate My Takeaway’ :hamburger:


On the same day the terms and conditions get updated (still to read but looks positive for European expansion), another big brand deal gets announced.

Looks like FT are building up to another big crowdfunding round :champagne::rocket:


Good advert for FT but not such a nice person who thinks rules don’t apply to her. Any of the celebs that think they are above lockdowns don’t deserve any credit :stuck_out_tongue:


£50K is a huge sum. I’ve run out of people to get signed up. Will now resort to writing a letter to my Gran with instructions


If Freetrade loved their loyal customers we would all be in the draw :stuck_out_tongue: People who sign up still get a free share anyhow. Maybe existing customers need to make a £100 amount deposit to enter? They can keep the tickets though :joy:

Come on FT, you know it makes sense.


I don’t think we get a chance by referring looking at the link.

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Not actually £50k…

If you are entered into the prize draw, you could win one of the following free share prizes:

Prize amount (number of winners):

  • £2,000 (5 winners)
  • £1,000 (10 winners)
  • £500 (30 winners)
  • £250 (20 winners)

Hadn’t actually gotten round to reading into it. Thanks both

at least the marketing is impactful

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That sums to £40k? Or is my math that bad?


True but still a VERY good offer and easier odds to win a prize if a new customer.

That’s a good point and worrying for a financial company to be so out :joy:

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Presumably the rest get normal free shares, setup an account and a proportion get into investing…

Edit: they all get normal free shares anyway, so I’d guess the balance is for these, which implies they’re aiming for at least 2,000 new accounts (assuming £5 per account).

Wish I’d of invested more in the previous rounds :roll_eyes: France release is imminent

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What gives you that impression?


Thats you only, joe doesnt have promos on his podcasts and never ever has despite how popular jre is