Vanguard FTSE All World High Dividend ECITS ETF (Dist.) - VHYL

No yet still waiting

I got a few vanguard payments today, not VUSA, so they’re en route I’d imagine.

VHYG … the Accumulating ETF you were looking for, a while ago, is now on Freetrade :slight_smile:

Thank you, thanks for remembering our conversation. VHYG cannot find on FT, but the original investment VHYL is doing quite well, held this investment now for a fourth dividend

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I said in the last conversation that I would add twenty shares over five years, I have worked it out that I will be adding twenty five more shares over five years, the holding is acting/looking good.


You are right. My apologies - it seems that Freetrade has incorrectly changed the VHYG ETF stock request to a stock discussion. Perhaps they did it in advance in the expectation that it would become live shortly. Let us see or else I will have to revert their changes to the forum request.

Superb! It is good to know that your investment is doing well.

@soulie1 Ok we have some news. As I suspected the change was made to herald the imminent availability of VHYG: Vanguard FTSE All-World High Dividend Yield UCITS ETF (Acc) - VHYG - Share chat - #8 by EmilieGauthier.

If you are still interested then look for it in a few days time.

Thank you.

Bought in at £46 November 2021, hovering around £49 September 2022, plus four dividends

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Yup $VHYG really is available now: Vanguard FTSE All-World High Dividend Yield UCITS ETF (Acc) - VHYG - Share chat - #10 by EmilieGauthier

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Thank you for letting me know, I did notice it is here via the list of etf’s added by FT. I have to hold back on taking new positions as I want to bolster my present portfolio. I own 139 shares of vhyl and that is doing quite good for me and it is paying a decent quarterly divided.

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Assume ive just recieved my divident wouldnt know because they send the details way after it actually gets put into account

Dividend has not arrived, well mine hasn’t.

there are always late now, my V3AM not arrived (Vanguard).

Oh! My V3AM dividend arrived yesterday

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Dividend has been paid

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Are VHYL distrubutions subject to US witholding tax? - I see on the website the payments are listed in USD…

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My VHYL dividend certificates show zero tax withheld, if that helps.

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Good to know, thanks.

Initiated a position recently.

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